Choose an experienced Singapore Divorce Lawyer

The divorce Lawyer Singaporeis very experienced as they have handled a good number of divorce cases understanding the each and every minute requirement of the case. You should always choose an experienced lawyer to deal with the proceedings of divorce. You are qualifies to file for divorce if you have been living in Singapore for at least three years. In other case, when the years of residence in Singapore is for less than three years, then you will not be eligible to apply for divorce. There is an alternative known as a Deed of Separation for which you can apply for in that case.


Working with your case, the experienced lawyers of a firm will bring along a huge mass of knowledge if practical knowledge with them which they can apply accordingly in your case. The divorce lawyer Singaporemakes the best use of communication in filing up for the case and also designing and maintaining the requisite documents for it.

The entire process of divorce takes about 2-3 months to go for Interim judgment stage and next 3 months for the final judgment stage. Experienced lawyers will help you in understanding all the legal requirements and process right from the filing of the case till the final Interim judgment. Not only the legal issues, they also keeps a check on the financial costs so as it does not exceed the normal legal costs. Continue reading ….


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Sherilyn Jar is an expert writer having vast experience about the Law industry. Currently, she is writing on various topics related to Divorce like divorce lawyers for women. For More Information visit
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