Everything you need to Know about Divorce in Singapore

A bond of marriage, a legal procedure, which bounds two souls into one for lifetime of togetherness and happiness, is lethal. As you join your hands with your spouse for a lifetime of togetherness, their bond gets to be social and contractual in that case. Marriage do entitles couples with certain specific rights and thus requires that each of them do fulfill their responsibilities at its best.

A divorce is meant to be a legal procedure that successfully terminates your entire marital relationship between couples. The person who has filed for the divorce is known as the “plaintiff” or “petitioner” whereas the other side of the part is typically called the “defendant” or “respondent”. If you are planning to file for a divorce it is imperative on our part to be well aware of divorce law in Singapore before you proceed further with the things.

The Residency Requirements for Divorce

Divorce is filed as a matter of state law and it’s important on the part of the one who is filling for divorce is to a legal resident of that state before you file for a divorce in Singapore. By legal residency the law in Singapore means that one needs to be a resident and must be staying in the same country or state for a certain period of time or more recently within the previous 90 days. Either of the party can file for divorce depending upon their residency as long as one person is a resident, it hardly matters where the other party lives. Continue reading….


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Sherilyn Jar is an expert writer having vast experience about the Law industry. Currently, she is writing on various topics related to Divorce like divorce lawyers for women. For More Information visit www.singaporedivorcelawyer.com.sg
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