Divorce Lawyer Job Description

divorce Law sgA lawyer is a highly trained and educated professional who uses his/her knowledge of the law. They represent and provide guidance to their clients. Divorce lawyers specialize in the separation, annulment or divorce of a marriage. A Divorce Lawyer will help their client establish their options and determine whether they should annul, seek a legal separation or proceed to file for a divorce.

Should the marriage be a contested one, the lawyer will have to represent and advocate for their client during a court session, this is the true test to determine a good divorce lawyer.

They will submit their case and provide information to a judge, keeping in mind their client’s needs and requests.

Divorce Lawyer Salary and Career Path

The salary of a divorce lawyer will depend on several factors, including and depending on depending on whether the lawyer runs there, practice or if they are partnered with a law firm, be it big or small.Fresh graduates can expect to earn anywhere from $4000 to $5000, depending on the law firm. A third or fourth year lawyer will earn around $6000, whilst a senior lawyer can command anywhere from $8000 to $ 12000 per calendar month.

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