Follow the Divorce Law to Get Divorce on Time

Getting a divorce or even applying for it is a major decision. One cannot just get up in the morning saying hell yeah, I want to apply for divorce today and get it by 5 in the evening. It is not that easy, but takes a lot of time and consideration by the court of law. Family court in Singapore is quite strict in awarding the status of divorced to the applicants. Everyone is free to apply for divorce but whether they will get it or not, it is a major question in the court of law.

As per the family law in Singapore, the divorce laws are made strict to prevent random cases of divorces. With hectic lifestyle, professional obligations where everyone wishes to live a lifestyle according to their own will; there are a huge number of couples who apply for divorce in the court of law. When they are unable to spend time with each other, when they are unable to understand each other or have some other silly reason affecting their lifestyle, and happiness, getting a divorce is the first thing that comes to their mind.

Even though the divorce process in Singapore is not that expensive as compared to other countries, it is not wise to spend money on something you are not even eligible for. Before planning or even filling up that divorce application form, you will have to see if you are eligible for the same or not. Here are some things which you need to fulfill before even thinking about the divorce. Read more…


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