We keep Hearing about Divorce Mediation in Singapore

What is involved and how will it Work For Me?

divorce lawMeditation during divorce is a means of negotiating terms of settlement between divorcing couples without the need to go to court. In the Collaborative Divorce process, both parties engage their own lawyers who work together towards achieving an amicable result for their clients.Lawyers, assist parties in negotiating an agreement on their divorce terms.

Both parties lawyers act to facilitate in the negotiation between the separating couples, giving them control over the mediation process and, more importantly, over their decisions.

 CFP is founded on the following principles:

  • A pledge not to go to court.
  • Amutually honest and voluntary approach in exchanging information.
  • A commitment to work towards a solutions in all issues, keeping in mind the welfare and dignity of the family unit as their highest priorities of both parties.

The Advantages…

It saves time and money for both parties. When successful, mediation means that the traditional court process is not employed, resulting in a faster resolution.

It is a fair and transparent process for both husband and wife. Collaborative family lawyers have no interest in the outcome as they do not stand to gain anything. Their objective is to help parties find solutions.

The process is private and confidential. There is no court appearance and formalities can continue in peace and dignity to all involved. Upon agreement, the divorce is filed in court as an uncontested consent divorce with no court appearance.

For more information on the Collaborative Divorce process, please click here, to get all the answers you need.


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