Should I Get a Divorce?

Somehow you just know that your marriage is headed nowhere and you have been spending your time agonizing over what you should do for quite some time now. Your decision to divorce is hard but in your heart, you have made up your mind. Only you can come to this conclusion. If you’re struggling with what to do, the points below will help you evaluate your feelings so that you can make the right decision in moving forward with your life.

Is It Time To End My Marriage? – Has your decision to end your marriage reached a point of no return? Where you feel there is no hope making it work?Should you give it another chance? If your marriage is on the rocks, you have probably been struggling with your emotions and been agonizing over this question time and time again.

Should I Divorce? – This decision needs a lot of thought and reflection on your part and you should take time to reflect. No matter how hopeless things may seem, there’s still a chance your marriage can be saved.

Reasons to Divorce– The actual causes for the breakdown of a marriage are often way more complicated than the legal grounds cited in the divorce writ. Some of the real reasons marriages can fail:


  • Poor boundaries. Engaging in intimate conversations with members of the opposite sex leads to emotional experiences that cloud the future of any marriage
  • Fairness in the distribution of work and responsibility within
  • Explosive and angry outbursts. Anger can have a useful purpose if it is notedand leads to dialogue and constructive problem-solving, but whenit creates more anger and withdrawal, it severs effective communication
  • Leading separate lives. Relationships suffer when couples don’t connect their lives through shared activities

Should I stay or should I go?–only you can weigh the pros and cons of this question as it`s something that many women face who are living with an unfulfilling marriage. It can prompt you to revaluate your goals& priorities in life and question whether your marriage is capable of making it in the long-run. This advice can help you in sorting out your feelings.

What Will My Unmarried Future Be Like? – There will be many issues racing through your mind when facing this arduous question. Where will I live? Will I have enough money to support my children? …these are just a couple of issues that will be going around in your mind. Planning over a few different scenarios will help you to reach realistic solutions which face you ahead in uncertain times.

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