Is Your Smartphone Taking Over Your Relationship?

Then take Advantage and Spice it up!

relationshipYour true love has finally arrived! You’ve finally found the one. He`s slim, bright, colorful and most importantly, ready to serve you at your command!

Congratulations! You are ready to take that leap and join in the mobile phone contract matrimony.

Spending more time with your smartphone than with your partner? Technology is our constant connection to the world, but unfortunately it can also make us even more disconnected from each other.

Studies indicate that mobile phones can have a negative impact on spousal relationships.

Mobile phones can certainly distract people from the present moment. And that’s a problem, a modern day problem! You don`t want your marriage to end up in the hands of divorce lawyers.

relationshipWhen Internet Infidelity Strikes

The ability of Facebook and other social media to threaten relationships is common knowledge now days.It`s a form of instant gratification that stimulates our brain’s pleasure waves, offering the user instant novelty that can and does leas lead to addiction.

It is a constant connection to our friends, allowing for instant and immediate intimacy, leading users to romanticize with these connections. If you’re giving attention and energy to these digital distractions, not your partner, it’s a sure sign of trouble!

If you want to help improve your relationship. There are things that can work for you and your partner

Rethink your social media.Try not to friend your exesand avoid friending your partner aswell. Facebook friends for example, have access to the most mundane parts of your partner`s day, from what they ate, to what new movies she wants to see. Stop sharing your information with everyone and create a sense of mystery!

relationshipSext things up. Use technology to your advantage, it isn’t all bad.Add a bit of spice and foreplay in you and your partner`s life, it could bring you closer together.

Send your partner a sexy e-mail, or “sext” them, describing a fantasy or your plans to deal with him or her when you get home that evening.

For a bit of flirtation, engage in a little Skype or Face Time, just make sure you do it in your personal account!

We know too well that smartphones can clearly have a negative impact on relationships — but it does not have to be this way. Using them wisely, they can help you feel more connected to your partner than ever.

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