Is Divorce the Craft of war?

Divorce lawyerIs there a craft to Divorce? Is it a war? Let`s investigate, perhaps so!…. As we dig for the answer, the more this mechanism of war reveals itself.

Let`s examine the war angle:

  • Warfare is based on deceiving the enemy.
  • You hold out the bait and set the trap to draw the enemy in.
  • No country has ever benefited from a prolonged warfare.
  • In war, the only objective is victory.

If we take this concept to Family court, we certainly see the results of a well-planned, strategic, approach on the part of both the divorce lawyer and his client. Like generals in the heat of battle, experienced divorce lawyers know how to use, misdirect and bait to gain a favorable outcome for their clients. Thus, the saying“gives the opposing party just enough rope to allow him to hang him/herself”

A lawyer and his client should always hang on to their goals as they advance into various stages of litigation. Nobody benefits from prolonged warfare in the family court, nor should they fight for the sake of fighting, especially where children are concerned.This prolonged warfare will result in emotional damage, hatred and resentment toward one or both parents.

Parties should not lose sight of the bigger picture and avoid getting caught up in “trying to win at all costs”. An experienced divorce lawyer in invaluable, as he/she will use their perspective, objectivity and experience to determine the best course to accomplish the desired outcome for their client. Be reminded that “no one ever wins in Family Court litigation”


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