What are the different types of custody orders that can be made?

child custody singaporeThere are mainly four types of custody orders that you can make for your child.

  1. Sole custody order

A sole custody order would mean that the custodial parent may make major decisions for the child without needing the agreement of the other parent.

  1. Joint custody order

This is the most common kind of custody order in Singapore, with only cases with special circumstances given other custody orders. As the term suggests, this means that both parents must make major decisions for the child jointly. This includes them having to agree on the decisions which are made in the absence of agreement.

In the face of any disputes or disagreements, either parent would have to apply to court to determine the issues.

  1. Hybrid order

This order is like a sole custody order, but the main difference is that it also includes an order that the custodial parent must consult (or in some cases even obtain the consent of) the non-custodial parent when making important decisions on matters such as the choice of the child’s school, the courses the child takes and so on.

Therefore, a hybrid order can be said to be in between a sole and joint custody order.

  1. Split custody order

A split custody order is when the custody of one or more siblings is granted to one parent and the custody of the other siblings is granted to the other parent. Generally, siblings should be cared for by the same parent. If parents want this, both parties must file the affidavits to explain how this would be in the best interests of the children.

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