Things You Should Know About Divorce Procedure in Singapore

The divorce procedure in Singapore is carried out under the arbitration of The Family Court of Singapore. Citizens of Singapore and those who have been residents of the country for a number of years can apply for divorce, although there is a condition that a couple has to be married for 3 years before they can apply.

There are also separate Syariah Courts in Singapore for couples who were married under Syariah Law.

In Singapore, divorce can be granted by the courts if they find that the any of the criteria defined under Singapore Law for divorce applies to a case.

Grounds for Divorce

The reasons for divorce accepted by law include adultery, mental or physical abuse, unreasonable behavior of one spouse towards the other, desertion for a period of time, and if the couple has been living separately for a number of years continuously.

In the case of desertion, the condition is that the partner must have left with the intention of never returning. Similarly, in the case where the partners have been living separately, 3 years is the minimum period if both spouses are willing parties to the divorce, and 4 years if either spouse is not willing.

There is also a special ‘leave of court’ which can be obtained by a couple who has been married for less than 3 years but still wish to go through the divorce procedure.


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