Divorce Mediation

Child Custody Issues

It is a fact that children of cooperative divorcing parents will be less likely to feel the pressure to choose between them. This simple act can make the difference between still being a family after divorce and being forever bitterly torn apart.

You should understand that both you and the other parent will be expected make some compromises during the mediation process. If you simply refuse to meet the other parent halfway from the onset of the hearing, it will not look favourably upon you and you’ll likely appear inflexible.

  • A parenting plan that can be mutually agreed upon is more likely to stand the test of time. You should be flexible on the issues that are not as important to you so that you can stand firm on the issues which are important to you.

  • Try to compromise so that you don’t have to seek ruling form a judge.

  • Children want and need both a mother and a father figure to actively participate in their lives. If you want to be able to sit together comfortably and share children’s events, then mediation is right for you.

  • Parents who negotiate, compromise, and put their children’s interests first have well-adjusted children with healthy relationships of their own.

  • Child custody fights over parental rights and entitlements are costly and devastate children by putting them in the middle of a parental tug of war. Mediation reduces the level of conflict, protects children, helps to negotiate child support, and customizes a custody and parenting plan that works for the whole family.

Benefits Mediation on Child Custody issues

  • It focuses on what’s best for your children by promoting meaningful involvement of each parent in a child’s life
  • Non-custodial parents will have a greater say in the children’s discipline, grooming, special events, recreational activities, holidays and vacations
  • Promotes parental cooperation and healthy post-divorce relationships

Article: Child Custody, Access and the Welfare Principle


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