Knowing when to get divorced – are you prepared?

7 essential points to consider

You might already have spent endless sleepless nights this issue, and gone over and over it again in your mind.

The following pointers are for you to consider before you and/or your partner before deciding to end your marriage.

Have you….?

Tried Marriage Counselling(not recommender if you are dealing with domestic violence)

Thought of saving the marriage? considered a face-to-face meeting with a Councillor? You can talk to a qualified therapist to help evaluate your feelings

Tried a trial separation for re-evaluation and quiet time alone to reflect

Reflected on your role in the difficulties of the marriage?, or just blamed your partner for the breakdown?

Thought about where you will live? if you’re still living at home

Gone through and assessed all the financial implications

Considered how your children will be affected? Do they understand what you are going through?

Once you have taken the time to asses and re-asses your situation and concluded that divorce is the right step for you, the next step is to seek legal advice from a Specialist Divorce Lawyer on how to divorce and what it entails for you and your family. Being informed about the Singapore divorce process will help you to approach it in a way as to lessen the pain of the process on you and your loved ones.


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