What is the difference between collaborative process and litigation?

Although Singapore is currently encouraging couples undergoing divorce to engage in the Collaborative Family Practice (CFP), not many know the difference between CFP and litigation, the process of cross-examining affidavits in court.

Well, here’s a short table to clear things out.

Collaborative Process Litigation
Who controls the process? The parties of the divorce control the process including the timetable and timeline. The process is controlled by the judge and determined by Court dates.
Confidentiality? The entire process is confidential and nothing will be disclosed. Recordings of Court proceedings are not confidential. They are publicly available.
Who makes the final decision? The parties of the divorce make the final decision. The final decision is decided by the judge.
Objectives? The solutions are interest-based and at the best interests of the family. Lawyers seek to reach settlement that is in the best interests of both the client and the family unit. Litigation is generally rights-focused and parties will revert to positional bargaining based on their own needs.

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