Misconceptions about annulments

In essence, there is no practical difference between an annulment and a divorce. Both are legal ways to end a marriage. However, people tend to have many misconceptions about civil annulments.

One common misconception is that when a marriage is annulled, all marriage records are destroyed. This is false. Just like in a divorce, the record of marriage remains on file.

Another misconception is that an annulment can be obtained merely based on the fact that a couple has been married for a short period of time. This cannot be true. Once two people get married, they are married – the law does not provide for a “trial marriage”. Hence to annul a marriage, one has to satisfy certain grounds for annulment.

Many people also tend to think that an annulment is simpler compared to a divorce. This may not be true. For example, a court appearance is necessary for an annulment, unlike a divorce, which sometimes requires only paperwork.

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