What happens to my child after divorce?

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As it is reasonably expected that the parents will not live together after a divorce, the court will also decide certain issues relating to the child, such that the child can still have the opportunity to interact with the parent that is not living with the child anymore.

Care and control

The adult that obtains the care and control of the child will get to live with the child. It also includes the authority to make the small decisions needed for daily living.


When courts refer to custody, they are referring to the authority to make the important decisions for the child, such as the education, religion or place of residence.

These days, court usually grants joint custody, such that the parent having care and control will still have to discuss with the other parent the important decisions in the child’s life.

Right of access

The parent without care and control will usually be granted right of access to the child. This allows the parent to visit the child at specified time and manner.

Child support (also known as maintenance of the child)

For a child under 21, there is a parental responsibility to provide for the child’s needs. In deciding how much maintenance to order for a child, the court will take into consideration matters such as the financial needs and earning capacity of the parents and the child, and their standard of living before the divorce. Legal representation from a Singapore divorce lawyer is recommended for maintenance cases such as to better present yours and your child’s financial situation.

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